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In addition to flowers we also have almond orchards and a quince orchard. We have a small quantity of almonds available to sell every year, but we also use the almonds in our quince home industry.

The idea for our quince home industry started many years ago during a visit to Barcelona when we were introduced to membrillo also called quince cheese. Growing up in the Karoo where every farm had quince trees and bottled quince, quince jelly, quince leather and sun-dried quince sweets were well loved foods, quince formed part of our childhood memories. It seemed a good idea to not only sell the fruit but also to produce delicacies that could be enjoyed by those that are nostalgic for days gone by but also introduce these to a new generation of potential quince lovers.

While thinking about different products, a good friend from Croatian descent gave me a recipe for Kotonjada or quince sweets. This delicate fruit sweet is crafted through a laborious process but the final product makes all the effort worthwhile. In addition to the membrillo and quince sweets we also dry thin layers of the sweetened fruit pulp. For these we do not peel the fruit but mince the fruit, skin and all.

We love the idea that our product range reflects these Spanish, Croatian and South African influences and hope that you will too.

Our Product Range

Whole Plain Almonds

The almond variety grown on our farm is a soft-shelled variety called Independence. We have a small fresh crop available every year and the shelled product can be ordered in small pre-packed or larger quantity.

Whole Almond Quince Rolls

For this product we cut the dried fruit sheets in narrow strips and roll it with a whole almond in the center. The little fruit rolls are then individually wrapped in wax paper and can be eaten as a sweet treat.

Chilli & Almonds Quince Rolls

The dried fruit sheets are sprinkled with ground almonds and dry red chilli and rolled into fruit rolls. Enjoy as is or served on a cheese platter. Rolls are available as a 300g roll or 4 smaller rolls and in mild or hot.

Plain Almonds Quince Rolls

For plain almond quince rolls we sprinkle the dried fruit sheets with ground almonds and roll it up. The fruit rolls then can be eaten as such or served on a cheese platter. The rolls are available as a 300g roll or 4 smaller rolls packed in a small rectangular container.

Quince Sweets

Produced during a 2 to 3-hour cooking process whereby the creamy pulp of the quince is added to a homemade sugar syrup and then sun dried. The final product has the texture of Turkish delight. The small squares are individually wrapped in wax paper.

Quince Membrillo

The membrillo or quince paste is like the quince sweets but is produced in a thicker slab that can be cut in a variety of shapes. Membrillo is an excellent addition to a cheese platter and goes well with a mature yellow or soft blue cheese.

Quince Jelly

Quince jelly is cooked from extracted quince juice and the beautiful see-through jelly, with its delicate taste may be enjoyed with scones and on toast. Traditionally it is also served with leg of lamb or pork.

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